At last year’s International Citrus Congress, Danilo Luchiari, consultant from GTACC and one of the coordinators of the parallel symposium about irrigation, spoke about new technologies and their application of theories on everyday tools in citrus crops.

One of the innovations in irrigation is the use of DRIS (Diagnosis and Recommendation Integration System), a monitoring method -through the leaves- of the plant nutrition and health. This technique has already been used by large companies and has presented very positive results. It is high productivity through balanced nutrition of the plant.

For him, the challenge of the future is water shortage. One of the solutions pointed would be the authorization from the government to store water for irrigation.
“There has to be water for all producers. The climate is changing and it’s getting more and more difficult for small producers who can’t have irrigation. If we don’t store this water when there is a lot available, it goes to the sea, and we lose this water.” –