Nigerian apple lovers will be delighted to hear that a new apple variety is being grown there. Usually apples are imported widely from South Africa, Europe and Asia as the Nigerian climate isn’t suitable for most apples.

“The new variety – Bell apple – is a unique and amazing tropical apple variety now produced in Nigeria, although still relatively new to the market.” said the pioneer of Bell Apple Farming in Nigeria, Akinyemi Oluwagbenga.

“The ripe Bell apples are eaten raw. The slightly unripe ones are used for making jelly and pickles. You can create sweet jams and preserves from it. Red and white wines are made from Bell apples and other valuable products such as juice, cider, dried apple snack, chutney and others,” Oluwagbenga said.

According to the pioneer, the apple is accustomed to and grows well in the humid environments typical in the country. It also comes at a bigger size, an interesting shape that might catch the eye and is claimed to be juicy as well.

He noted that the new variety is presently sold locally in states like Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, Lagos States, amongst others.