The harvest of South African grapes is still going strong in the Hex River and packing is expected to continue for at least four more weeks. The Northern Province and Orange River regions have finished packing and reached volumes mid-range within the 4th crop estimate and marginally above the upper limit of the 4th estimate respectively.

Producers in Olifants River are done packing while the very last cartons of grapes are still trickling in.

Packing has steadied in the Berg River and but should continue for the next two weeks, after which the tail of the season will be shorter largely due to the lack of water. This region passed the lower end of the range set during the 4th crop estimate.

In the Hex River about 60% to 90% of Crimson will be packed over the next few weeks. A few other later cultivars will also be packed. According to producers programmes will be well serviced. The weather is good and the colouring of especially red varieties is going well due to cooler night temperatures.