The Fruitrop edition 253 covered citrus statistics. Included is some detail on citrus consumption trends. Japan tops the consumption of soft citrus (at 5.7 Kg/capita), has slipped off top spot for grapefruit consumption (0.6), and is very low for oranges (0.8) and lemons (0.4). The EU tops orange (6.7) and lemon consumption (2.3). For oranges, EU is closely followed by Canada (6.1). The EU is second in soft citrus (5.1), but lower in grapefruit (0.8). Grapefruit consumption is led by Canada (1.1), with other Eastern destinations and USA following at 0.9. USA (1.9) and Canada (1.8) are also significant consumers of lemons.

What is noticeable is the narrow band within which lemon and grapefruit consumption range in terms of per capita consumption around the globe. – Justin Chadwick,