Headquartered in Paterna, Valencia, Citrus Nostrum was founded 10 years ago by 20 Spanish producers. Today, it already has 40 production partners in Andalusia, Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia, with around 40 million kilos of fruit per year, mostly citrus.

While the range of the Valencian company includes the usual commercial clementine, mandarin and orange varieties, four years ago, its R&D department bet on the planting of red-fleshed varieties, given the added value of their attractive pulp, which makes them stand out for their texture and colour. We are talking about the Ruby Valencia oranges and the Kirkwood Red Navel.

“These oranges look normal on the outside, with an orange skin, but on the inside, their pulp is reddish, similar to the better known Cara Cara. While the Kirkwood Red Navel is harvested from February, the Ruby Valencia orange is being harvested at now. This variety is juicier than the Valencia Late and has higher sugar levels, making it highly appreciated in the markets,” says a representative of the company’s commercial department.
The oranges are grown in the provinces of Alicante, Seville and Huelva. This is only the second year that Ruby Valencia Late have been harvested, so production is still limited. “For next year, we expect to reach 400 tonnes and when the trees are already at full capacity, the forecast is for each variety’s production to amount to between 1.5 and 2 million kilos per campaign,” they say.
For the time being, most of the production of these varieties goes to traditional markets in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. – freshplaza.com