Several foreign firms are scrambling to invest in Zimbabwe’s horticultural sector following improvement of the investment climate over the past few months. This comes at a time when the Government is moving towards horticulture exports resuscitation in various European markets. The new administration has surprised a lot of investors around the world, including some in European Union and the United Kingdom markets.

England-based horticulture investor Archibald Tapuwa James Gumiro, who be one of the key presenters at “Resuscitation of Horticulture Exports in Zimbabwe Conference” tomorrow, said there is an increased appetite to invest into the country’s horticulture sector due to the open door policy by the new administration. He said the resumption of horticulture European Union quota system is expected to boost horticulture exports.

“The international markets want to resume trade with Zimbabwe and buyers are keen to give Zimbabwe a quota of the exports for 2018. The major horticulture products of interest to the international market are mange tout, sugar snaps, peas, chillies, fine beans, parsnips, baby marrows, sweet potatoes; fruits (bananas, avocado pears, papaya, oranges, and lemons); and flowers.”

According to, Zimbabwe is ready to engage international markets in line with the mantra “Zimbabwe is open for business”. The Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement Perrance Shiri has repeatedly challenged farmers to improve both production and productivity in the resettled farms. –