Chilean exporters have been proposing for a long time that China consider allowing the entry of their citrus fruits as a whole and not just individually. Ronald Bown, the president of Asoex, emphasized that neither the exporters nor the agency have tried to achieve the entry approval for an individual fruit, such as clementines, for example.

He also stated that, in 2008, the SAG authorized the entry of Chinese citrus fruits as a group into the country and that, consequently, China should act with the same reciprocity.

He added that, China had applied this criterion in its negotiations with third countries – such as New Zealand, the United States, Peru, and Argentina, among others.

China is currently weighing the entry of Chilean pears, which is expected to happen by the end of this year or no later than March next year. After that, the Chinese authorities will evaluate the entry of Chilean citrus to their country. – Source: El Mercurio