An apple with red flesh is still somewhat exotic for most consumers – there are few such varieties and they are grown in relatively small volumes. However, the modern consumer loves everything new and exotic, and the bright red apple, which has the same bright pulp, at least attracts attention.

According to EastFruit analysts, the trend to create new club varieties of apples with red flesh is gaining momentum lately. In addition to the fresh market, apples are also interesting for the processing and production of expensive juices, ciders, smoothies and other beverages.

One of the brands, about which they have been writing a lot lately, is RedMoon Apple. This is a club apple that is privately owned and has a very ambitious development program.

Last year, the company had 35 hectares of orchard with apples of this variety in Italy and 23 hectares in France. The company reports that it managed to collect 1,000 tons of apples in 2018. – EastFruit