The juice sector is a key and strategic sector for Spain. Last year’s citrus campaign was disastrous and one of the alternatives to avoid losses and the uprooting of trees was to resort to the juice industry and the vending style.

The current citrus campaign, marked by low volumes and high prices, is not stopping the consumption of fresh juice, for which there is a stable demand and high prices. “It is a fact that the trend favoring the consumption of quick snacks away from home stimulates the consumption of freshly squeezed juice,” says Santiago Alberich, head of sales at Zumoval.

Zumoval, a Valencian company with more than 25 years of experience, has managed to take advantage of the market fluctuations and to bet on added value, and this has helped it stand out from the competition. It is the case of the single 0.75 hp engine, the most powerful that exists for this type of machines. “The engine makes it possible to squeeze any citrus fruits and pomegranates in high performance conditions. Our machines are equipped with steel gears and shafts to make them even more reliable and robust, which ensures a much longer lifespan,” says Santiago. “Another differentiating factor is the Self Cleaning 2.0 system, which allows the machine to be kept clean and presentable, while also facilitating the routine cleaning of the equipment at the end of the day,” says Santiago Albercih.

In the latest edition of Host Milano, Zumoval presented the innovative autonomous self-cleaning system, which makes it unnecessary for a water installation to reach the juicer, since the Water Pump System provides all the necessary elements to perform the self-cleaning function.

The exclusive MYSS system (Maximum Yield Squeezing System) allows you to extract the greatest amount of juice without touching the fruit peel, thereby avoiding the bitter taste of the essential oil found on the fruit’s outer layers. “With this system, the flavor of the juice is excellent, and the vitamins are also preserved,” says Santiago.

Blenders are also increasingly present in bars, cafes, cocktail bars, etc. Zumoval offers the Fastjuice and BigFastjuice models, which are suitable for extracting juice from any type of fruit or vegetable. Its main features are speed, performance and reduced size. –