The Rosaria Bionda campaign started this year with 240 hectares in total producing around 3.5 million kg. “We needed to make orange varieties available on the international market due to the ongoing demands from consumers attached to our brand Rosaria. After all, our brand has become a global excellency, so we could not but get organized and fill the gap. We made a significant investment and started with 40 of our own hectares to set the example.”

Our range now includes Rosaria blood oranges, Baby Rosaria and Blonde Rosaria. So far, volumes reached 30 million kg for 1200 hectares in total entirely located at the foothills of Mount Etna.

“Thanks to blonde oranges, our season starts in November with the Navel variety, continues in December with Washington Navel and with Lane Late in April and ends in June with Valencia. This in turn means operators are now employed eight months instead of five.”

“This solution also enabled us to fill a gap reported by final consumers, who had been asking us to guarantee the availability of our brand for a longer time.” –