In the Netherlands, the overseas grape season is well on its way. Supplies are currently coming in from Peru, and, recently, from South Africa. Importers are expecting a better season than last year. Then, an oversupply made for low prices. The import season in America started at the beginning of November. There is, therefore, no chance of that happening this season.

At Exsa, the overseas grape season started in mid-October and is still going strong. The overseas grapes are of excellent quality. There is slightly less availability in general. The grapes are arriving in a good market too. The overseas season began in Brazil. Two weeks later, grapes from Peru were added. In mid-November, grapes from South Africa were shipped to Europe. These were expected in week 48.

There were indications that an increasing Asian demand would affect the European market. This has not been the case, according to Jan-Willem Arts of Exsa Europa. “Asia does, of course, have an influence, but it is limited. Peru influences the trade market the most. The United States takes most of this country’s supply. When everything goes well, a normal volume comes to Europe. Last year, California had a considerable volume of grapes. These were still on the US market, so they did not take any of this product from Peru.” –