Excess sugar consumption is a problem in more developed countries. A single can of a fizzy softdrink may already have half of all the recommended daily sugar for an adult. The irony is that if half a litre of soda can contain the equivalent of 13 teaspoons of sugar, three apples also do, because apples have become increasingly sweet. But the difference between a soft drink and three apples is that, although the first option does not provide any nutritional value, the second provides vitamins, minerals and fibre, and is also more satiating. So it is advisable to eat apples, even if they have a lot of sugar.

However, apples never used to have as much sugar, explains Daniel E. Lieberman in his book ‘The History of the Human Body’. And not just apples. All modern fruits have been selectively cultivated to be much more sugary by artificial selection. Apples from a few centuries ago were probably as sweet as a carrot. In fact, the old carrots were not like the current ones either. The oldest known evidence of the use of carrots by humans in Afghanistan dates back to 3,000 BC.  Those carrots were purple on the outside and yellow on the inside.

According to a study by the University of Texas biochemist Donald Davis, even in the 1950s many fruits were already different. The current ones, by comparison, are 50% poorer in iron and with 12% less calcium and 15% vitamin A. – explica.co