Valstar recently received a fruit and vegetable packaging world-first – made from elephant grass! Argos and Valstar partnered with Vibers, a Dutch paper manufacturer. They introduced this sustainable cardboard fruit and vegetable packaging at Fruit Logistica. It’s made from local elephant grass. This is an alternative raw material for packaging. Elephant grass grows in fallow soil and is planted only once. It’s a perennial plant that yields 20 tons of dry biomass per hectare. Add that this grass absorbs more CO2 than a comparable plot of trees. These characteristics mean it could be considered a miracle crop.

This is the first time this alternative raw material has been used for fruit and vegetable packaging. That’s because it’s still in its infancy. It is, therefore, not the cheapest fruit and vegetable packaging solution. Argos and Valstar, however, find it crucial to take this first step. In this way, they can achieve further sustainability in the packaging industry. –