The different growing locations of the finger lime crop influence the look of the fruit. “The colour of Citriburst Finger Limes varies—the skin tends to be a brownish-purple color, but it can also be a vibrant green color or even a yellow-red color. These are all from the same variety of Finger Lime tree but they produce different colors in different climates,” says Shanley Warren, noting that while Citriburst Finger Lime groves in Visalia tend to be bright green, the Morro Bay production leans more toward a brownish-purple skin tone.

Colour development happens on the inside of the Finger Lime as well. “The variety of Finger Lime we have now is a “champagne” colour and sometimes it can be pink,” says Shanley Warren. “We planted an emerald green variety in Visalia and it’s consistently very bright green. We also have a red variety that is in our planting schedule.”

Interest continues to increase for Citriburst Finger Limes. Shanley Warren says there is increasing social media coverage of Finger Limes. “Citrus demand is up right now as more consumers are looking for produce that will help strengthen their immune systems. Citriburst Finger Limes are high in vitamin C,” she says.

Shanley Warren notes that while Shanley Farms continues to work on educating consumers about the number of ways to consume Finger Limes, programmes are also currently being developed with its retail partners to help drive sales at store level. “We have a large consumer base from our online sales we want to use those and social media to develop targeted retail promotions,” she says.

As for pricing on Finger Limes, it remains where it’s been historically notes Shanley Warren. “We will have promotional pricing available in the peak months of July-September as well as sampling opportunities as our current health situation allows,” she says.

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