The Rural Mechanization and Technology group at the University of Cordoba is working on the design of citrus harvesters that allow harvesting to be mechanised in intensive plantations by using a system of lateral agitators. These advances in the mechanisation of citrus harvesting have been published and featured on the cover by the scientific journal IJABE, the most important journal in China on agricultural mechanisation. The continuation of these works is carried out through the CITRUSTECH Operational Group.

These harvesters will allow the farming community to improve its profitability and sustainability. The goal is to allow producers to decide if they want to harvest all the fruit mechanically, or if they want to combine both systems. That is, conducting an early manual harvest of the highest quality fruit and another subsequent mechanised harvesting with the rest of the production. In both cases the quality of the harvested fruits would improve, adjusting to the necessary ripening requirements. Source & photo: