Exotic citrus fruits have found their niche in the European market, positioning themselves as gourmet products that have attracted the interest of the catering sector. With the start of the finger lime season in Spain, one of the European countries where the cultivation of this variety is possible, the companies working with it are facing a scenario marked by the inactivity of restaurants and the foodservice, which are important sales channels for these products.

Since 2016, the Spanish brand Nalans Citrus has been specialized in exotic citrus, with more than 300 varieties in its portfolio and operations mainly in Europe, in countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, but also in the United Arab Emirates.

“We are the fourth generation of a family of citrus growers in south-eastern Spain that had devoted itself to the production of traditional citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges,” says Pedro Juárez, founder and commercial director of the company. “Nalans Citrus arose with the sole purpose of enriching our gastronomy, which is something we cannot achieve on our own. We believe in the people in all links in the chain who are inspired to work together to achieve the same purpose.”

According to the manager of this firm, the most demanded exotic citrus fruits in Europe are finger lime (the company’s specialty), Buddha’s hand, yuzu, Sudachi and Calamondín, among others. Spain’s finger lime season is being extended. “In the past, its harvest went on for just three months, and now it can last up to five. Producers are getting to know the trees better and are working to achieve increasingly better results,” says Juárez. “By combining the Spanish production and imports from other origins, we can supply finger lime all year round,” he says. – freshplaza.com