On 7 July 2020, the WCO held a members meeting with almost fifty delegates representing sixteen citrus growing countries. Despite the difficulties in organizing meetings and international travel, the WCO has managed to attract all responsible citrus growers to the table – and encourages those who have not joined to do so as soon as possible. The WCO is proving to be a catalyst in bringing those who value the global citrus industry together – this meeting provided the opportunity to receive excellent analysis on the southern hemisphere citrus situation (some extracts below) presented by CIRAD, and some insights into the juicing world presented by the International Fruit and Vegetable Juice Associations.

In addition, the delegates discussed issues of common interest – such as experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic. Delegates agreed on the importance of sharing information and learning about the sector – which will be further advanced by a WCO virtual conference later in 2020; more information will follow soon. – Justin Chadwick, CGA