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With a solid reputation as a global fruit exporter, Zest Fruit passionately services fruit growers and the international fresh produce sector from production to retail counter. The core of our operations is supported by a wealth of marketing proficiency, technical product knowledge, innovation and cutting-edge information systems.

To optimise fruit movement from source to market, we provide marketing, risk management and supply chain solutions. Throughout all the processes, we place a strong emphasis on personal service and building long-term sustainable relationships.

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Our main focus is the export of citrus products, while pome fruit and grapes make up the remainder of our product basket. All fruit types are sourced throughout Southern Africa and exported to markets in Russia, Japan, Europe, Canada, the Far East, Middle East and UK.

Zest Fruit’s strength lies in tailoring supply to meet individual buyer requirements – from packaging formats to specific quality standards. Thus we apply out-of-the-box thinking to match our customers’ needs with those of our producers and vice versa.

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Planted, grown and harvested in African soil under sunny skies, Zest Fruit’s products are favoured in the Northern Hemisphere markets for their delectable taste and exceptional quality. Our South African grower network stretches from Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga all the way down to the Eastern and Western Cape. And the good name of our leading grower brands are known far and wide.

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November 30, 2021|SA Industry News|

As the curtain comes down on the 2021 season for South Africa’s fastest growing citrus category, it is clear that growth in soft citrus is not over yet. Over the past ten years, soft citrus [...]


June 22, 2021|Global Industry News|

Globally, smaller sizes of mandarins are under pressure on both import and export markets, as good growing conditions early in the season have lead to an abundance of these sizes in production countries such as [...]

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