TopFruit has detailed a number of potential pome cultivars in SAFJ that should be available in the near future. Some of these are not yet on the Variety List and may not be offered for sale just yet.

Sweetie (R)/Prema280 is an early season, bi-colour variety that’s very precocious, productive and harvests a week earlier than the Gala varietal. Tests in the Vyeboom area have shown similar results to those in the Koue Bokkeveld. The fruit can hang for over a month without significant drop, storage in RA is very good, firm fruit, flavour profile is sweet, basal dominance needs to be managed.

Lemonade(R)/ Prema153 is a dense, firm and yellow-skinned apple with a complex and appealing flavour. This variety will overlap with Golden Delicious. It’s an attractive yellow apple with a desirable blush colour, despite the high yields, the fruit size remains good, RA storage is very good,.

Smitten(R)/Prema17 is a bi-colour apple that harvests just after Royal Gala. It has complex flavour and is extremely well-received in Asia. It’s very grower-friendly, highly precocious and productive.

Opal(R)/UEB32642 continues to produce the remarkable flavour for which it has been known. Firm fruit with a remarkable crunchy texture, less susceptible to bruising than Goldens Delicious, storage in RA is very good and shelf life is exceptional.