Growers and other value chain role-players to the European Union have been vigilant in applying the CBS Risk Management System (RMS) and the False Codling Moth Management System (FMS). As the season goes into the heavy July period it is important that this vigilance continues – the pre- and post-harvest measures for these two pests are based on research and operational experience so as to minimise the risk of consignment non-conformance. If any members of CGA or FPEF need a copy of either management systems please contact CGA or CRI.

The Valencia and Navel Focus Groups met at the end of June and decreased their predictions once again. Word from the trenches is that conditions in the Eastern Cape have been horrendous this season, and further cuts could eventuate. 87% of the clementine estimate are now packed, and the soft citrus spotlight moves to late mandarins (36% packed).

  • Justin Chadwick,