Sunkist Growers will begin shipping Sunkist Delite™ California mandarins in early November, kicking off the 2017-18 citrus season with increased volumes and a fresh take on the organization’s mandarin program.

Sunkist’s mandarin program now leverages the Delite name, the original California mandarin brand, created by the first family to grow and market Murcott mandarins in California.

“Our family began growing mandarins because the variety offers so much for consumers – convenience, nutrition and of course sweet, delicious flavor,” said Heather Mulholland, a fourth-generation citrus grower in Orange Cove, California. “California has an ideal climate for growing citrus, and we take pride in the quality we are able to achieve in our groves. Sunkist Delite mandarins will offer consumers everywhere a fresh taste of California.”

“The evolution of our mandarin program is based on current consumer trends,” said Sunkist Director of Communications Joan Wickham. “This season marked an opportunity to take a new approach that emphasizes quality and authenticity, inherent attributes of the Sunkist and Delite brands that drive consumer purchasing behaviors today.”

Sunkist will have a wide array of customizable marketing tools and materials available to help retailers maximize their opportunity with this new program.

“We’re excited to reveal new point of sale materials that reflect the quality of our mandarins and look forward to promoting them in stores with our wide array of vehicles to drive trial and build awareness among consumers,” said Sunkist Director of Retail Marketing Julie DeWolf. “The robust programming will include sampling, couponing efforts, secondary display bins and direct mail that will reach a broad audience.”