The citrus season is over in South Africa. The largest volumes go to the UK, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, and the Middle East. In a difficult season, the small citrus performed better than other categories. That was certainly the case in Asia and the Far East.

The UK is, once again, the largest importer of South African soft citrus. It is good for 28% of exports. This percentage corresponds to 4,5 million 15kg boxes. Their second largest market is Europe (25%, 3,95 million boxes), followed by Russia (11%) and North America and Southeast Asia, both good for 10%.

Cultivation is rapidly expanding in this country. This growth has resulted in an increase in exports of 2,5 million 15 kg boxes. Total exports are expected to amount to 15,7 million boxes. This is out of a total production of 17 million boxes. This increase continues the upward trend of recent years.

The drought in the Western Cape is over, and the recent rainfall in the Eastern Cape was a relief for farmers. The drought has put pressure on the sizes of the fruit. –