The mandarin market was dominated by Spanish produce, in particular Clemenvilla. These strengthened their presence and were mostly convincing taste-wise. Israeli Orris left nothing to be desired in terms of their diameter and color. Their sales were quite steady, despite strong demand from distributors. Only in Cologne, prices went down somewhat. Turkey increasingly participated with Nadorcott. The first Minneolas arrived in Munich and Berlin. They could not compete with the Turkish Murcotts and generated only little attention.

From Turkey came Tacles, which were in a way complementary. The inconsistent sorting and peel defects led to only weak interest in Cypriot Novas. In the clementines segment, priority was given to Spanish clemenules. At some places, Moroccan Nours sold quite quickly. Italian products -with leaves- completed the range of goods. The Turkish campaign ended with regard to Satsumas. In general, prices generally remained at their current levels, as demand could be easily met. Only locally prices dropped a bit.  –