The Orah mandarin production season is still in full swing. “We are right in the middle of the retail season. Up until now we have already sold about half of our production volume. We expect that the Orah mandarin supply season will last at least until late April. The production season of Shatang oranges is already over. This leaves the market wide open for Orah mandarins.” This is according to Lu Xiaofeng of Guangxi Province Nanning City Wuming District Orah Orchard Specialized Fruit Cooperation.

“The price of Orah mandarins recently increased slightly. The price was lower than last year in the period leading up to the Spring Festival [February 5th, 2019] because Shatang oranges entered the market in large volumes and the competition kept the price down. However, now that the Shatang orange production season is over, the price of Orah mandarins will perhaps rise. We have not met with any competition from other orange production areas, for example in Sichuan. The overall product quality of Baba tangerines is not great this year, yet they are more expensive than Orah mandarins. We are therefore likely to encounter fewer retail difficulties than for the Baba tangerines.”

“Based on our estimates we reckon that our retail season of Orah mandarins will continue until late April. The sugar content of our Orah mandarins was still a bit low before Spring Festival, but has slowly increased and settled since then. The sugar content of Orah mandarins is currently quite high. We receive a large number of orders for Orah mandarins every day. The retail conditions are good. We benefit from excellent weather and soil conditions. The size of our Orah mandarins is impressive, as are the color, sugar content, and flavor. We have secured our market share in the citrus markets of first- and second-tier cities throughout China. Next season we hope to export our Orah mandarins to other countries such as Russia, Canada, and markets in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Contact person: Lu Xiaofeng – plus image too.