According to producers from the state of Tamaulipas, there will be a drop in citrus production, especially of oranges, in the next harvest due to climate change and the lack of rainfall in the region.

Javier Ibarra Echartea, a spokesman for the Union of Citrus growers, said that global warming was affecting the region causing a severe drought that threatens to become longer. However, he added, he was confident that there might be some rains in May.

He also said they expected to harvest approximately 280 thousand tons of orange, which would affect producers.

He also said that they would investigated why the small fruits have fallen from the trees, but that it could be due to the lack of rainfall, which results in the oranges not growing well and the plants becoming weaker.

He said he hoped that the forecast of rain for May would favour the agricultural and livestock sectors and thereby increase the spirits among producers of these activities. However, he acknowledged that the drought had already caused havoc in Tamaulipas’ countryside. –