Convenience is becoming more important to Chinese consumers these days. One way of improving the convenience of any given product is to use the appropriate packaging method. This trend is visible in the fruit and vegetable industries in the preference for small-scale, premium packaging.

This type of packaging allows consumers to easily carry fruit or vegetables with them. Think for example of single-packaged bananas or pre-cut fruit packages. One of the companies that pays attention to these details in packaging is Shenzhen Lvyuan Packing Technology Co., Ltd. This company has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and operates with a deep understanding of trends in this field.

Li Dan explained as follows: “We innovate and improve our packaging products based on the latest market trends. We carry out our own market surveys and frequently interact with customers to find out what the latest trends are. We can produce 5-10 new designs every month because we have our own equipment and molds. We can design and produce any type of packaging according to customer demand. We can produce samples for customers to choose from, and in this way we innovate our designs. We take customer opinion serious because it is the only way to design appropriate packaging products.”

Another important component is the raw material from which packaging products are manufactured. An increasing number of customers are concerned about the environmental impact of packaging products. The market is gradually eliminating the type of packaging that can not be recycled. “All our packaging products can be recycled and is PET certified. We are a packaging company and we understand the problematic impact of plastic on the environment. We give this issue our utmost consideration. This is precisely why we use PET-certified packaging products that can be recycled.

Furthermore, since most of our customers operate in the food industry, we design packaging products that our customers can safely use to hold food for a prolonged period of time. We have customers all over the globe and we constantly aim to obtain appropriate certification required in different countries. Product quality and safety are the two most important values in our company strategy. We are therefore happy to obtain certification that shows we meet the high standards of many different countries and are able to supply packaging products all over the globe.”

“Our most popular product is transparent packaging. We also see the growing importance of product labels that allow customers to immediately spot the company name and logo. Our company can also deliver appropriate labels that suit different packaging products. We have our own label makers.” Lvyuan pays attention to popular trends in the industry and has noticed that other companies have begun to experiment with packaging products made from corn starch. They are currently in the process of investigating the possibilities of this material. “We have noticed this growing trend, but current demand is not that high. However, if customer demand continues to grow, then we will also invest in the development of this type of packaging.” –