“Sintered Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is perfect to store fruit and for grapes in particular, which is very delicate especially during handling and transport. EPS packaging protects grapes and preserves its organoleptic qualities,” explains Alessandro Scurria from SCF – Packaging division.

EPS packaging was developed specifically for the fresh produce industry as it helps tackle many problems connected with the production and distribution process, protecting the even the most delicate products.

“Feedback has been great so far. Our packaging manages to make the products reach their destination in the best conditions thanks to the microclimate that develops inside the crates. In addition, our solutions are 100% recyclable so it helps save on CONAI costs.”
Extensive documentation testifies to the low environmental impact (Environmental declaration in compliance with standard UNI EN ISO 14025:2010). Information is now available also via a QR code found on the crate that leads to the declaration.

“The table grapes campaign is in full swing and our crates divided into six or two cells can help hasten the harvesting process as they do not (or only partly) require additional partitions. This is turn means they are easier to dispose of.”

“Retail chains, which always care about environmental sustainability, cannot but appreciate our solutions, also thanks to their capability of preserving the produce during the post-harvest period. It is also easier to see how produce that keeps well leads to fewer complaints and obtains higher prices.”

EPS packaging is water resistant so it is suitable to store produce that needs to we washed before being placed in crates. All formats can be personalized with atoxic colors, resistant to humidity, that do not penetrate. – freshplaza.com