Zest Fruit has grown considerably since originally being founded in 2006. Four years later, the business was consolidated and rebranded as Zest Fruit with the head office now in Stellenbosch, Western Cape and a regional office in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. We also have access to inland cold storage and export facilities in the ports of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Maputo.

To optimise fruit movement from source to market, we provide marketing, risk management and supply chain solutions. Our key markets are in Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada, the UK, Far East and Middle East. Zest Fruit’s strength lies in tailoring supply to meet individual buyer requirements – from packaging formats to specific quality standards. Thus we apply out-of-the-box thinking to match our customers’ needs with those of our producers and vice versa.

Throughout, we place a strong emphasis on personal service and building long-term sustainable relationships.

Committed to delivering fruit conforming to the strictest international safety regulations, Zest Fruit ensures that growers are aware of their environmental responsibility and production safety aspects.

Because our supply chain management is fully integrated with sourcing and marketing functions, favourable shipping, delivery and payment methods are assured. Included in our strategic supply chain management activities is building relationships with service providers, as well as integrating information technology within the supply chain.

In partnership with our suppliers, we take pride in our customers, which include not only the leading retail organisations in the UK, Europe, Russia, Japan, Middle and Far East, but also prominent importers and wholesalers.
As a preferred supplier of fresh produce worldwide, we have firm client relationships because of our service ethic.

Not only do we consider our clients’ needs, we also offer shortest-route supply chain management and provide timeous delivery of nature’s best.


Becoming an integral part of our growers’ business through provision of key services that are innovative, that influence the supply chain and markets and ultimately enable Zest Fruit to deliver on its promise with passion and commitment.


Zest Fruit is a provider of specialized export services to leading growers, through partnerships with leading buyers and efficient supply chain management, whereby maximum benefits can be returned to our customers. The continued success of our partners will ensure growth and reinvestment in the Zest Fruit organisation.


Freek Dreyer

Managing director and marketing Russia/Middle East/Far East
BSc Agriculture

Zest Fruit co-founder, Freek is a veteran in the fruit industry, having worked at well-known companies for many years prior to establishing the company. A family man, he enjoys fishing and is a big sport fan.

Maarten Venter

Executive director and marketing Europe/Japan/Canada
B Comm (Hons) Fin Management, MBA

Zest Fruit co-founder, Maarten has been in the fruit industry since 1994. His hobby is the fruit industry.

Simon Holdcroft

B Comm, ACMA

At Zest Fruit since its foundation, Simon’s sport is mountain biking and he enjoys family time, the outdoors and travelling.

Rory Netterville

Supply chain manager
BSc Horticulture, MBL (Unisa)

Previously GM of a logistics company, Rory is a trail runner. His hobbies are radio control pattern aerobatics and hunting.

Susan De Villiers

European marketing manager

A former employee at well-known fresh produce companies, Susan plays golf and enjoys spending time with the family.

Cobus van Graan

Marketing Manager – Middle East / Africa
MBA, Business Management

Cobus has 20 years of extensive experience in the agriculture sector including wine, citrus and other agricultural commodities. He subscribes to the importance of a shared vision, working with and developing people to ultimately reach clearly defined goals.

Ross van der Merwe

Orbit Integral Manager
Marketing Management (US)

Previously in the transport industry, Ross joined Zest in 2014. A cyclist and golfer, he enjoys travelling, history and aviation.

Helene Janse van Rensburg

Customer account manager
B Econ (Hons)

In the fruit industry since 2003, Heléne joined Zest in 2008. Her hobbies include hiking, running and spending time with her family.

Adam Gelderbloem

Logistics manager (Russia/Middle East)
BA (Hon) & Bcom Hons Finance

Starting in the fruit industry in 1996, Adam joined Zest at inception. He plays soccer, cricket and chess and enjoys reading, as well as selfimprovement. An ordained minister in the AFM of SA since 2002, Adam is a family man.

Jan Carel Kritzinger

Russia Retail Manager

Jan joined Zest in 2014 after being in the fruit industry since 2005. He jogs, plays golf and does motorbiking, hunting and shooting as pastimes.

Anita Krüger

Far East marketing manager
BSc Food Science

Anita has been in the fruit industry since 2006. In her free time she enjoys playing golf and seeing the world on a shoestring

Stefanie Wium

Supply and Operational Manager 
PhD (Sport Science)

Stefanie started her career in the fruit industry in 2006 and joined the Zest team beginning 2017. She is an outdoor person who loves to spend time hiking/running in the mountains and appreciates a camp fire surrounded by her friends and family.

Johan Bruwer

Area Manager
Future Managers Programme (UPE)

Johan has been in the citrus industry since 2003. For the past 14 years, he has been involved in various packhouses in the Sundays River Valley. Johan started at Zest Fruit in 2017 as an area manager. In his free time he enjoys playing golf and hunting. Charity work is also an
important aspect of his life and does work for The Round Table.

Julian Jansen

Information Services Manager

Julian started at Zest Fruit in 2015 as I.T. manager. Responsible for network infrastructure, architecture and security. Focusing on providing technical solutions and technical roadmaps to the business.
Santie van Schalkwyk

Logistics manager (EU)
B Comm (Hons)

Santie worked at a fresh produce exporter before joining Zest in 2012. A freshwater angler, her hobby is handcrafts and travelling.

Marialda Pienaar

Financial manager

After working at HML Transport Consultants, Marialda joined Zest in 2016. A player of musical instruments, she gyms for sport and as a pastime watches sport while enjoying time with family and friends.

Elzabe van Copenhagen

Key Account Manager
Bcom General

Experienced Logistics Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry.

Jacqueline Vermeulen

SCM Documentation Manager
International Diploma in Computer Programming 

​Jackie has 16 years experience in the freight forwarding, which includes sea, air and road freight. In her free time she loves spending time fishing and spending quality time with her family.