Maritime consultancy Drewry has warned that container costs could go through the roof, due to the current situation featuring blank sailings, arrival delays, capacity contraction, schedule unreliability and resulting cargo roll-overs.

Such is the effect of only one out of every three vessels arriving within the first 24 hours of the expected time of arrival (ETA) that roll-over cargo spiked 83% for just one of its clients, head of Supply Chain Advisors and Drewry managing director Philip Damas has said. quoted him as saying: “To make matters worse, this is using a measurement which is fairly lenient, because we are setting the ETA at the time of the ship’s departure, by which stage the carriers should have a good indication of their schedules.”

It was Drewry’s view, he said, that rollovers were a key issue that had been exposed by the recent crisis. “This is the new reality of a much more concentrated marketplace in which shipping lines have more power.”