On 29 July, an inspection team of 33 people involved in the prevention and cure of the citrus greening disease was led by Yantai B&J Agricultural Technology Development Co Ltd. They braved the scorching sun, and went to the village of Chang’an, in Fengkai county in northwestern Guangdong. Here they looked at a test field for citrus. The industry colleagues went to the fields to talk to farmers, and take samples of the soil, so they could investigate how to prevent and cure plant diseases and insect pests.
The inspection team for the prevention and cure of the citrus greening disease
The inspection team included experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, growers and local farmers. At noon, everyone investigated and discussed several problems around the citrus greening disease, such as fruits turning yellow, soil problems, unripe fruits, and plant diseases and insect pests. The fields that were visited in Sihui, Guangning, Huaiji and Fengkai all had a golden color. Next to the mountain range they looked just like a golden dragon winding around the hills. That is how they got their name, Golden Dragon (Huanglong). Everyone discussed the previous methods they had used, but that did not solve the problem. It is a rather sensitive problem that has to be looked at from all sides.
Experts inspecting the fields
During the inspection, the team members learned that, after a large part of the fields of farmer Deng Huimin were infected with citrus greening disease, they were almost wasted. After he used E-2001 microorganism fertilizer on the roots of his trees in the beginning of January and March of this year, at the end of March they started to grow up to 25-35 cm.
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